Monday, August 20, 2012

Book #233: Boat Works by Tom Slaughter

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Can you guess all the boats in this fold-out book? As each flap unfolds a new clue is revealed. Starting with the tiny rowboat to the mighty ocean liner, readers are given visual as well as textual clues. Each page folds out into a large square showing the answer to the nautical riddle. This is a beautifully designed book for boat lovers of all ages.

Slaughter has the ability to create wonderfully imagined and designed books some with flaps, some without (see Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? and the many books he’s illustrated with Marthe Jocelyn) and this book is no exception. The digital illustrations have a retro nautical style and color palate (UPDATE: I have been informed that the illustrations are actually hand cut from paper. I was astounded because the shapes are so crisp and the layouts so precise. My apologizes for this error.). Collage elements and large, flat block print-like shapes create a bright and colorful environment.  The text is simple and follows a quickly established pattern.

The large and easily identifiable shapes used in the illustrations make this a wonderful addition to a shape themed storytime. As you read the book, ask kids to find squares, circles, and triangles in the illustrations. Follow up by creating colleges of boats with precut paper shapes. Check out this boat craft that introduces the idea of halves to kids from DKTK.


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