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Book #139: What Time Is It, Mr. Crocodile? by Judy Sierra, Illustrated by Doug Cushman

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Every night before bed, Mr. Crocodile, Esquire, sits down to plan the next day, from 9:00 (wake up) to 8:00 (sing a lullaby to me). The next day he tries to stick to his plan to catch, cook, and eat “those pesky monkeys,” but the monkeys are having too much fun playing with Mr. Crocodile to get caught. By the end of the day, Mr. Crocodile realizes he’s been “rude, with a bad attitude, I’d much rather have you as friends than as food.” That night when he sits down to plan the next day, he makes sure to set aside plenty of time to play his new monkey friends.

The rhyming text of this book makes it perfect for a read aloud and kids will enjoy shouting out, “What time is it, Mr. Crocodile?” each time you turn the page. The brightly colored illustrations are dynamic, with those pesky monkeys running riot on every page, much to the chagrin of Mr. Crocodile.

This book is great for kids who are learning to read analog clocks and tell time. Each page features a different clock, from wall clocks to sun dials, that shows the reader the time. If you’re reading this to a group, write Mr. Crocodile’s schedule on a big poster board. Then as you go through the book, have the kids read the clock and refer to Mr. Crocodile’s timetable to see if he’s staying on schedule.

After you read the story, have kids write their own schedule. You can have them use real daily events (wake up, walk the dog, eat lunch, etc.) or you can have them make up a timetable for an adventure, such as going to the zoo (at what time will you visit each exhibit?).

Make some clock templates and have the kids draw or paste on the hands. What would Mr. Crocodile be doing during the time on their clock? You can also use this printable activity sheet from Harcourt Books.


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