Friday, April 6, 2012

Book #97: Timothy and the Strong Pajamas: A Superhero Adventure by Viviane Schwarz

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Timothy Smallbeast isn’t very big or strong until his favorite fixes his favorite pair of pajamas. All the extra reinforcements his mother put on the pajamas have made Timothy strong, too! With the help of his best friend, a sock monkey, Timothy begins using his superhero strength for good. In one day alone he saves an elephant, a princess, an old lady, some sailors, a zoozeeper, and a kitten in distress. As he and Monkey are walking home, they happen upon an upset bear who has lost his way. He needs to go back to his home in the woods to hibernate, but he can’t find the way. Timothy carries the exhausted bear back to his home and the bear falls asleep right on top of Monkey! Timothy tries to save Monkey, but his pajamas rip and his superhero strength disappears. Luckily, the people Timothy saved rush to his rescue and soon Timothy is back home with his mother.

The text is full of wonderful adjectives and onomatopoeias that make this story a wonderful book for reading aloud. Monkey and other characters chime in with humorous asides in small speech bubbles throughout the story. The illustrations utilize every inch of available space and many pages are divided into sections that help to keep the quick pace of the story.

Read this story for a pajama storytime and invite everyone to attend in their favorite pajamas. After you read the story ask the kids what superhero power they would like their pajamas to give them. A story filled with pajamas and monkeys seems like a good excuse for the classic, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

Craft-wise try folding origami pajamas (tops and bottoms). You can also make a sock monkey like Timothy’s best friend in the book. Schwarz includes a great tutorial on making sock monkeys on her blog. She writes that she usually allows 2 hours for children to complete their monkey.


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