Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book #92: Goodnight, Me by Andrew Daddo, Illustrated by Emma Quay

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It’s bedtime and a baby orangutan is settling into bed. Starting with his feet and working his way to his eyes, he says goodnight to each of his body parts until he finally exhausts himself and says, “Goodnight, Me. See you in the morning.”

The illustrations, done in pastels and watercolors, are gentle and help to create a calming atmosphere. The text is concise as the little orangutan settles each body part in for bed, “Legs, get some rest. We’ve got a lot of jumping to do tomorrow.”

Use this book as the finale to a pajama or body part themed storytime. Have the kids wiggle each body part that the orangutan mentions so that they finally end up laying on the floor with their eyes closed. If you’re reading this during a lapsit storytime, have the parents point to each body part on themselves and their baby.

This is also a great addition to a storytime featuring orangutans, as there aren’t too many stories that focus on this wonderful creature.

Quay has posted two printable activity sheets on her website that make for fun activities. I especially like the one that asks kids to draw the baby orangutan’s dream, also a great follow up question if you don’t have time for an activity.


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