Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book #117: A Boy and His Bunny by Sean Bryan, Illustrated by Tom Murphy

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A boy wakes up one morning with a little white bunny on his head. He names him Fred. They go downstairs to eat some bread. (Did I mention this is a book in rhyme?) The boy’s mother becomes concerned, but the bunny assures her that “you can do anything with a bunny on your head.” The bunny’s list includes reading a book, speaking French, riding in a bobsled, exploring the sea, and more. The boy’s mother feels much better about the situation, until the boy’s sister walks in with a small alligator on her head!

The rhyming text keeps this fun read aloud moving along at a brisk pace. The font is quite large, making it easy to read upside down during storytime and for kids to follow along with the words. The humorous illustrations are done with pen and ink and pop out against single color backgrounds. I especially love the illustrations of the boy and his bunny zooming by on a moped and diving under the sea with matching snorkel masks.

The alliteration in the title makes it a great choice for a storytime about the letter B. After you read the book, you can have the kids help you make a list of all the words that rhyme with “Head” in the book and see if you can add anymore of your own.

Ask the kids what else you can do with a bunny on your head. This question can get pretty ridiculous, but that’s the fun of it. You can also have kids illustrate new boy-bunny activities and put all the illustrations together to make a book of your own.

This book, along with a Girl and Her Gator and A Bear and His Boy, make up a three book series by Bryan and Murphy about waking up with something ridiculous on your head. Pair these books with Imogene’s Antlers for an On-Your-Head storytime. Finish up with the song, Pig on Her Head, which you can change to Bunny on His Head. I love the crazy headbands in the video and it would be fun to make Bunny on Your Head headbands. Have kids decorate cardstock bunnies and then attach them to store bought headbands.


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