Saturday, March 31, 2012

Book #91: Red is Best by Kathy Stinson, Illustrated by Robin Baird Lewis

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Some people like green. Some people like blue. But the little girl in this book likes red the best. Her mother tries to convince her to wear her white stockings with her blue dress, but Kelly clains that she can jump higher in her red stockings. Though her mother protests, Kelly also insists on her red boots, red mittens, and her red barrettes. Red paint puts singing in her head and juice in her red cup tastes best. As Kelly says, "I like red, because red is best."

Available in picture book or board book form, this simple story celebrates the childlike love of a favorite color. The illustrations are clean and pop out from the white background. Pale blues and greens are used sparingly, setting the stage for the vibrant red to shine in the spotlight. The text is written from Kelly's perspective and includes the repetitive phrase, "I like my red ____ the best"

After you read the book, ask the kids if they have certain colors or pieces of clothing that they really like to wear. You can extend the activity by making a printable that says “My name is ______. I like my _____ best because _____.” Then have each child fill in their name, favorite color and item of clothing, and finally the reason. Naturally, kids will want to illustrate a picture of themselves in their favorite outfit.

On Kathy Stinson’s website she suggests making color boards with the words “Red is Best," “Green is Best,” etc. at the top and then having kids cut out pictures of items in different colors and adding them to the appropriate board.

Use this book as part of a color or clothing themed storytime, or even better a red day. You could even have do a whole series of storytimes, each focusing on a different color. Ask kids to wear red clothes. If your stoyrtime includes a snack, serve red foods like Jello, strawberries or apples and use red cups and plates. Check out the color and clothing themed rhymes I used in my post for Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?



  1. Lovely to come across your review of Red is Best, Amy. I hope your studies are going well (if you're not finished yet).

    Once you become a librarian, I hope you'll keep up with my other books too. I'm really pleased with the reviews my latest ya novel (What Happened to Ivy) has been getting, and I have a new picture book being released this fall that everyone involved is pretty excited about: The Man with the Violin.

    Happy reading!

    1. Thanks, Kathy!

      Graduation is in May and I can't wait! And I will definitely keep my eyes open for The Man with the Violin. What an intriguing title!