Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book #74: Pajama Pirates by Andrew Kramer, Illustrated by Leslie Lammle

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It’s getting close to bedtime, which means it’s time for the pajama pirates to sail off for an adventure. Three siblings imagine that a bed is their boat and head off for a treasure hunt. They defeat the enemy pirates just before their mother calls them back to bed. They row back to shore and fall into their beds to dream of buried treasure, sewing new sails, and buying new oars.

Lammle’s illustrations take center stage in beautiful two page spreads full of rolling waves, not-so-scary enemy pirates, and treasure maps. The nighttime motif of midnight blue skies and twinkling stars is present throughout the book. Kramer’s rhyming text is short, but still full of wonderful imagery, “The flag reveals not friend but foe. Pajama pirates on the go.”

Although the storyline isn’t particularly strong and the kids never actually get to hunt for treasure, the illustrations and the atmosphere of the book make up for these weaknesses.

As the title suggests, this is a great bedtime story, especially for younger kids who like to look at lots of pictures. This would also be a good story to wind down a pajama storytime about pirates.

Read this story wearing your best pirate attire and use a few fun rhymes to introduce the story. Try I’m a Little Pirate and Five Little Pirates, which can also be done as a flannelboard.


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