Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book #70: More Bears! by Ken Nesbitt, Illustrated by Troy Cummings

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This story starts off deceptively with “Once upon a time…” But just as it’s getting started the book is interrupted by a cry for “More bears!!” The main character, the author of the book, tries to get the story back on track, but the cries for “More bears!” continue. So, despite his better judgment, he adds one bear at a time, then three, then six, until the pages are crowded with bears of every size and shape. But then the book is simply too crowded, so the author shoos all the bears away. When all the bears are gone, he breathes a sigh of relief because he knows what this book needs…more chickens!

The whimsical illustrations are the perfect compliment to the 1st person text. These aren’t your every day bears, there’s Captain Picklehead, Uncle Sheldon (who plays the uke), surfing Excellent Steve, and more. The repetitive cry for, “More bears!” is usually placed right after a page turn. Once the kids figure out what’s going on, they will know exactly when to help out with shouts of “More bears!”

If you’re reading this at home, see if you can count all the bears on each page and then all the bears in the book.

Make a scavenger hunt and have the kids search through the book to find particular bears. Can you find the bear playing a saxophone? A bear with a bowtie? A bear baking cupcakes?

Follow up with some bear songs, such as Bears and If You’re a Bear and You Know It. Pull out your flannelboard for Five Little Bears.


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