Monday, March 5, 2012

Book #65: Rainy Day! by Patricia Lakin, Illustrated by Scott Nash

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It’s another rainy day and Sam, Pam, Will, and Jill are bored. So the crocodiles put on their rain hats, boots, and coats, grab their umbrellas and off they go. Their adventures take them through dense fog, to a mini-golf park, and into a game of baseball. They’re having a great time in the rain, but when it starts to hail they know the weather has them beat. They hurry into the nearest building, the library! There they each find the perfect book and settle into a quiet nook to read.

The rhyming text of the book is geared toward early readers, with lots of repetition of phrases and words. The illustrations are whimsical; there’s something delightful about crocodiles in rain gear. I also love the alligator’s car, a combination of a Mini Cooper and a golf cart.

This book is a great addition to a weather-themed display or storytime. After reading the book, talk about the difference between hail and rain. Before the crocodiless decide to go out in the rian, ask the kids what they do on rainy days. Do they have suggestions for Sam, Pam, Will, and Jill?

There’s a great parent/teacher guide created by the author and illustrator, which includes information on decoding hints, which are clues you use to figure out what a word is and how to say it. Experienced readers look for these hints subconsciously, but early readers can benefit from learning to recognize the clues.

Since the targeted age group for this book is preschoolers and up, you can sing slightly more complex songs with them. One of my favorites is If All the Little Rain Drops. Check out this video of Lisa Loeb singing for the proper way to do the “ah ah ah ah ah’s.” Even if the kids don't sing the rest of the song, they'll figure out the "ah's" pretty quick. Loeb also sings a few more fun verses that I couldn't find on a lyric sheet.  

If your kids enjoy Sam, Pam, Will, and Jill they have more adventures in Snow Day!, Camping Day!, and Beach Day!



  1. This looks adorable. And who doesn't want to spend their rainy days their way!?