Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book #53: The Moon is La Luna: Silly Rhymes in English & Spanish by Jay M. Harris, Illustrated by Matthew Cordell

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This book uses short rhymes to teach simple Spanish words to kids. Also included are a Spanish pronunciation guide and a Spanish/English glossary.

The poems are silly, but they help by giving context to vocabulary words and by showing how the Spanish word may sound like an English word, but have an entirely different meaning. For instance, the difference between the pies we eat in English and the pies (or feet) we walk on in Spanish. The illustrations humorously depict the subject of the rhymes, usually with a funny twist that kids will find hilarious.

The short poems are not sequential and can be read in any order you wish, which makes this a nice book for kids to browse on their own. In addition, you can pull a single poem that fits your storytime theme to share. If you don’t hold up the book, it may be helpful to hold up pictures of the vocabulary words or use your flannelboard. In addition, write the Spanish words on a board or include then on your print outs so kids can see and hear how the words are pronounced. Read the poem once, then read it again and invite the kids to repeat the Spanish words after you.

This book can be used for a variety of ages. Read the poems to young children for a fun introduction to the Spanish language. For children who come from Spanish speaking families reading poems in both languages can not only be very engaging but also can instill a sense of pride.

For older kids who have a better grasp of language skills, read some of the poems and then work together to create rhymes that play with the meaning and pronunciation of Spanish and English words. Illustrate the rhymes and put them together to create your own book of silly rhymes in English and Spanish. 



  1. This sounds fun....why I also like Skippy John Jones with the fun Spanish gusta espanol! You're doing a great job on your blog!

  2. Thanks Elaine! I almost used this book for a project for class, but I couldn't just return it to the library! I'm taking a Spanish class now and I'm loving it! Soy estudiante de Espanol!