Friday, February 10, 2012

Book #41: The Belly Book by Fran Manushkin, Illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

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“Every daughter, every son, has their own – but only one – with a button in the middle. Can you guess this little riddle?”

This lively book is an ode to bellies everywhere. The rhyming text celebrates bellies big and small, hairy and smooth. From belly flops to belly dancing, this humorous book will be a hit with kids.

Manushkin’s short, but laugh out loud rhyming text is perfectly paired with Yaccarino’s simple, colorful style. Bellies are universal and it’s wonderful to see the cultural diversity of tummies. Although there are mostly human bellies, there are a few animal bellies (and an alien belly, too!). And where there are bellies there are belly buttons, which many kids find fascinating, as well as funny.

Include this book in a storytime about body parts. Use the action rhyme, Jello in the Bowl. It can be done standing up or with a baby on your lap and involves lots of belly shaking.

This would also be a fun addition to a food themed storytime. The book mentions quite a few belly-friendly foods, “Bellies love carrots and birthday cakes, tofu, tacos, chocolate shakes!” Try singing Jelly,Jelly In My Belly! (skip to 7 minutes to see Sharon, Lois, & Bram sing the song). After you sing it using jelly, ask the kids for other food suggestions, the sillier the better!


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