Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book #33: The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone, Illustrated by Michael Smollin

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There is a monster at the end of this book. But don’t worry, lovable and furry old Grover will protect you. He’ll make sure you don’t turn the page because he’s very scared of monsters. Except you just turned the page! How will Grover keep you from getting to the end of the book? And who will realize Grover IS the monster at the end of the book first? The kids you read this to or Grover? (My money’s on the kids, Grover is a little too over-wrought to notice).

This classic Golden Book was first published in 1971 and has remained popular ever since. It’s a dramatic read, the more energy you put into it the more the kids will love it. The text is colorful and dynamic. The book is very accessible because Grover talks directly to the readers, so it feels like you are experiencing the book, rather than just reading it. The illustrations are dramatic as well. Grover manages to inhabit every nook and cranny of available space.

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This is a humorous twist on the monster under the bed/in the closet idea. The subtle message of the book is that sometimes the things we are afraid of really aren’t that scary and that not knowing can be scarier than the truth. It’s also reassuring for kids to know they aren’t the only ones afraid of monsters.

Try Monster Hunt, a fun variation on the classic, Going on a Bear Hunt. I like it because it builds up the suspense, just like Grover does in the book, and then at the last moment you encounter the monster. If you’re feeling crafty, make your own lovable and furry old Grover puppet

Still can't get your fill of Grover? Brush up on your echo skills with this classic Grover Sing-Along.


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