Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book #29: Who Wants to be a Poodle I Don’t by Lauren Child

Image from Random House

This is the story of a poodle with a very unfortunate name: Trixie Twinkle Toes Trot-a-Lot Delight. She lives in the lap of luxury with her owner, Mademoiselle Verity Brulee, who makes sure that Trixie is always a model of poodle perfection. Trixie hates it and she repeatedly tries to get Verity to understand her plight, but instead Verity takes Trixie to vets and doctors. That is until Trixie rescues a dog from drowning in a puddle. Now when Verity looks at Trixie she doesn’t see a poodle, she sees a “dazzingly dangerous daring dog.” Suddenly, Verity is able to understand exactly what Trixie has been trying to tell her.

This book is best for a slightly older audience (6+). The story is a little long and the illustrations are complex. If you’re reading this book for storytime it’s a good idea to memorize most of the text. The words change font and curl all over the pages. The illustrations are also quite busy, with lots of patterned wallpapers, so that can make reading the words a bit difficult especially at an angle or upside down.

Image from the Puffin Blog
Kids who love fashion or design will enjoy the illustrations. The characters, both canine and human, have fabulous outfits and wonderful shoes. It’s the perfect excuse to make your own paper dolls and lots of fun clothes for them to wear. If you have the space, start keeping a box with scrap paper in fun colors and patterns, it’s always nice to have for projects like this.  You can buy ready-made ones or you can make your own paper dolls (which I think is much more fun).

This is also a nice addition to a storytime about names. Discuss the idea that just because a name sounds like a person should be a certain way, that doesn’t mean it’s true. In other words, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. 

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